Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tagged oleh Faten

Remove 1 question from below and and add in personal question, make it total of 20..

1. if u could spend RM1 in 5 minute,what would u spend on?

mandollin XD sbb lame tk mkn

2. what is most favourite thing to do?

main gitar \m/

3. what kinds of news u read?

sukan , dunia , aljazeera , politik? mls nk amek taw sgt :P

4. what r u doing rite now?

answering this tag

5. is there someone in ur heart rite now?

ade kot???=.="

6. do u believe u can survive without money?

cam nk beli mknan tkde duit???mati kebuluran la aku cam tuh :(

7. do u know ur BMI??

nope ~ pe arr BMI??anyone?

8. what do u feel doing rite now?

penat gle~!

9. if there's someone who u love, do u confess him/her?

biarkn masa yg menentukn :)

10. list out 3 good points of the person who tagged u?

baek , polite n amat memahami kot :)

11. what is the thing that make u think she is kind?

all the time tpi maybe jer la ngee~

12. what is the thing that make u think she is bad?

yer ke?tk perasan lak

13. are u left-handed or right-handed?

right- handed

14. if u had to eat something in rest of ur life, what would it be?

ful wa to3miyah agaga~

15. if u had to choice to be rich or happy, which would u choose?

happy la sbb money can't buy everything

16. if u have a chance, which part of ur character u would like to change?

mana yg tk elok la~tu pown nk tnye lagi???

17. favourite day of the week?

Jumaat sbb aku skrg tgh jadi manager team aku ngee ~

18.makan or tido?

tido sbb tgh tk cukup tido nk mampos

19. antara kekasih dan parents...mana korg dahulukan n mengapa?

perents la . tanpa mrk siapa la kte?

20. Jika masa leh diputarkn ke past korg nk gi waktu ble n megapa?

Waktu budak² sbb waktu tu aku jht gle ~ haha

tag : alia n sesiapa yg rase nk respone pd tag nih~


  1. amat memahami?hehe x taw lak;P

  2. me??i have to do this thing ker??i will ans for u..BMI is ur body mass index..may u clarify few things such as no 5,10 n 11 ;p

  3. yer pakwe la sape lagi~
    pape yg baek kot???insan maen jawab jer haha~
    11 tu tukar she ---> he
    dan mane² yg she tu tukar ke he tau~!